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Lack of Privacy, Measure of Intelligence?

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Reading through story after story about how people are ignoring privacy and security concerns and not changing their mobile behavior. That last story was bold enough to claim: When it comes to security, smartphone users aren’t very smart It’s sad, education isn’t going to help here and it’s independent of intelligence. This is a pervasive problem, people crave functionality… the more you give them the more they use, something like a privacy policy will not get in their way to convert and

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Mobile Payment Apps

Update: Now with Yahoo video! I had a chance to chat with Yahoo Finance about a new wave of mobile apps that allow you to simply exchange money with your friends and family and HACKERS AND THIEVES! Well, maybe not that bad, but just like any financial tool, you need to make sure you know how to use it and protect yourself.

Banks Hacked, What Can We Do?

What chance do we stand against hackers when more than 100 banks over 30 countries were compromised to the tune of $1 billion USD? I recently spoke with Erik Sherman from Daily Finance about these problems and what we can do to protect ourselves (or at least make sure we’re not part of the problem!)

Keeping Your Tech Safe While Travelling

The latest Virtuoso Life magazine has some of my recommendations for keeping your information and technology safe while travelling. Have you ever connected to that “Free Internet” wifi at the airport? That free wifi might just end up costing you dearly. Check out the September | October 2014 edition of Virtuoso Life magazine, page 110 for my tips! Update: Macaroni Kid published my tips as well, check them out!

Third Parties?

I spoke with Lisa Eadicicco at the Business Insider about how 3rd party apps can compromise your data on services like Dropbox or Snapchat and you (or the service provider) would never know until it’s too late.

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