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The Rise of Ransomware is Far From Over, How to Fight Back

It seems like ransomware attacks are becoming more and more common. This is not surprising because in the grand scheme of things for cyber criminals this type of attack is one of the easiest, simplest and most lucrative to execute. Potential victims are vulnerable because everyone is trained to move fast, read fast and absorb information rapid-fire online. This causes us to miss the little clues and nuances that can indicate a fake email or bogus software download. Cyber criminals

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Lies on the internet!

April 1st, the day people recognize that information on the internet is not really all that accurate. Any other day? Totally ok. So happy 4/1/2015, or is it 2015/4/1, or 1/4/2015… let’s ask or or an astrophysicist Crazy Pi-Day nears. But only if you write the month first, the day second, and a two-decimal truncated year third. 03/14/15 — Neil deGrasse Tyson (@neiltyson) March 13, 2015  

What’s authentication good for?

Padlock and Key

The recent news that Slack, a team communication tool, had a breach that leaked email addresses, user names, encrypted passwords and some other stuff is kinda scary. In response, they have activated something called two factor authentication for their users, something that I heavily promote. So, what good does two factor authentication do with hacks and breaches similar to what apparently happened to slack? It doesn’t help at all.

Smart Devices in Your Home?

So you’ve got your tv, thermostat, refrigerator, light switches, and smoke alarm connected to the Internet. How cool is this, I can command and monitor my entire house from my smartphone and tweet my laundry machine’s status whenever I want. Problem is, all of these devices are now sensors that connect our physical life with our online life and boy is it tough to know who’s watching/collecting/correlating this data or what they are going to do with it. In the latest

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